Ear Piercing is One of the traditional ceremony performed in India for a child. Usually Ear piercing ceremony is performed on the 12th or 13th day after the child is born or when the baby is 3 to 6 month old. This ceremony can be still performed later in third or fifth year of the child. This ceremony is performed on auspicious day and time on the first half of the day. "karnavedha" , is the alternate name for the Ear Piercing. This Ceremony is not specific to particular gender, it is quite common for both male and female child. Inviter has a wide Variety of different templates for many events. With the help of Inviter's video Invitation maker Send a Special Ear piercing Invitation online To Invite guests for this ceremony.

Ear piercing Online Invitation

Steps to Create Ear Piercing Ceremony Invitation

It is simple and easy to create a Ear piercing Invitation Online with Inviter's Invitation Maker. Follow the steps below to create a video invitation on your own

Step 1

Registering An Account: Open Inviter.com in browser and register an account with your email or Facebook account. Log in if you are already a member of Inviter.

Step 2

Selecting a Video Template: Select video maker, a drop box will appear then select the category Ear Piercing Ceremony and choose the invitation template you want to customize.

Step 3

Customize the Template by Editing Event Details: After finalizing the template click on the edit template and add your images or videos. Add music of your choice or else you can go with default one. Enter the event details like venue, city, date and time.

Step 4
Preview the Video/ Finalize and Share: Preview the Invitation template before you download it in HD, make changes if necessary. Download in HD quality and share to your friends and family via WhatsApp, email, SMS and other social media platforms.

Ear Piercing Ceremony Invitation Online

You can also create a Ear Piercing Function invitation instantly with your mobile using Inviter's Video Invitation Maker mobile app. Here are the steps to create a video invitation with an app.

1. Download Inviter's Video Invitation Maker mobile app from google play store and signup with your email or Facebook account.

2. Choose the category as Ear Piercing and select the template you like. Upload your images, add music and enter the Ear Piercing Event  event details.

3. Click on get preview, once the preview is ready then it will re-direct you to "My videos". Make changes if necessary and download in HD quality to share via WhatsApp, email SMS and other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter,Instagram and others.

Ear Piercing