Planning to throw a 50th birthday celebration party for your dearest one? Celebrating the 50th birthday is really an unforgettable milestone. Best times will not come often, these best happy times need to be celebrated cheerfully. Reaching 50 years of age in a person’s life is really a great accomplishment professionally and personally. In 50 years of age, the person might have gained a lot of friends, milestone achievement needs to be celebrated with them. We cannot invite all of them but plan to invite one friend for every year. Reaching 50 is an impressive number, plan for special video invite with the inviter for inviting your guests on the 50th birthday party.

With the help of birthday video maker of inviter, we can create a 50th birthday party video invitation in a few minutes with photos and music. Video invitations can be shared via Whats App, email, SMS and other social media channels.

50th Birthday Invitation

How to create a 50th Birthday Party Invitation on IPhone?

Go to google play store from your Android  Phone and download the Inviter app.

  1. Register with inviter, if you are a new member.
  2. Choose an event(like Baby shower, Birthday party,Wedding,Naming ceremony,  etc)from categories.
  3. Pick a template which suits your event and start editing it.
  4. Add some recent great images needed for the invitation. Cropping and zooming options are available to edit the images.
  5. Enter the important event  like Venue,Date and time.
  6. Upload the music of your interest or choose the default music provided by the inviter.
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Let's create the 50th Birthday Invitation

In  a few simple  steps  and in a few minutes we can create a video invitation with photos and music for a Happy 50th Birthday using Birthday Video Templates of the inviter.

1. Register with Inviter:

Sign up with your email and password if you are a new visitor to Inviter to create a video invitation for  the Birthday

2. Pick a Video Template:

Pick a template of your choice to create a birthday video invite. Inviter has a variety of  Video Templates for creating invitations for the birthday party.

3. Upload Images:

After selecting an invitation maker free Video Template, the next step is to upload the photos. In each template, you can upload photos as permitted by the template. Opting a premium template help you to Upload more Images. Zooming and cropping options are available to edit images.

4. Enter Event Details and upload music:

Enter the  proper event information like Venue, date, and time. Make all the necessary changes in the text.After entering event details, you can Upload a music file of your interest or you can use the default audio file given by inviter.

6. Preview Video:

When you click on the Preview, and it will generate a low-quality quick Video for you to review. It’s just a preview for you to make sure you have entered the event details properly and the images are placed and they are where they should be. Preview won't take more than a minute.

7. Create a Final HD Quality Video:

Once the preview is completed, you still have an option of editing the video if you are not  satisfied with your invite.  If you are good to go with  the video invitation, click on "Create HD Video", that will take you to the payment screen. Make the required payment with your debit or credit card. Once the payment transaction is finished, you can download the HD quality video invite.

8. Share your video invite:

You have an option Guest list. If you click on that, it will take you to the window where you can list all the names and their Email Ids with whom you want to share the video invite. Once the video is created, it’s ready to share the video invite with guests. You can also share through Whats App, SMS, email and other social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and others.Explore More Exclusive Birthday Invitations.