Half Saree Function

Half saree function is a traditional function performed especially in south Indian families. Most of the south Indian families celebrate this event when the girl reaches the age of 9 or 11. But many of the families follow this tradition when the girl comes to age. This signifies that the young girl is mature enough to accept the responsibility towards family and society. This age is the transition from a young girl to womanhood. It is a part of a ritual practised in society. During the half saree ceremony, the maternal grandparents or maternal uncle present the saree and some other gifts like jewellery, silver to the girl. The half saree function begins with welcoming the girl to the place where it is performed with flowers. At first, the girl wears a half saree and then she changes her apparel to the sari. The girl with her parents performs vigneshwara pooja in order not have any obstacles. Then the guests and all the elders in the function bless her and give her beautiful gifts. Make your daughter’s half saree function more memorable by inviting your guests with a half saree function video invitation and surprise them.

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