Employee Video Birthday Greeting Cards

86% of companies say that employee engagement impacts customer loyalty. Employee engagement and workplace satisfaction ultimately impacts your bottom line. One way to do that is to boost overall moral. This is where Inviter can help. It takes a little effort, but that effort will go a long way in making employees feel valued and special. Inviter’s business greeting cards for birthdays and special events are the solution. Start with an event you know as soon as an employee is hired—their birthday.


You could send a paper birthday card, but those easily get lost and it’s rather costly, especially for remote employees or for organizations with multiple locations. Video email birthday cards are another story. You can send them to any employee in any location. You pay a small subscription fee on Inviter and you can send thousands of video business greeting cards for a small price. All it requires is a video and setting up the actual event.

➯ Custom vs Bulk Greeting Cards

You can create either custom video birthday greetings or bulk videos. Custom videos are a bit more work and difficult if you have a large staff. However, should you chose to create them, it does not need to be too time consuming. All you have to do is have the manager record a simple one liner wishing that employee a happy birthday. Make sure to use the employee’s name. You can spend 30 minutes and record quite a few of these types of video greetings. If you want to send bulk birthday greetings, then create a slide show without using the employee’s name. Save the event and schedule it for all your employee’s birthday. You can schedule one at a time for each perspective day.