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There are many rituals performed in Indian Culture. Ear piercing is one of the Indian traditional rituals. This ritual is performed after seven months from the day the baby is born. Many people perform this ritual in the seventh month, and many may do this when the baby completes the second birthday, that is when the turns into third year. The traditions differ from region to region and religion to religion. There are many scientific reasons behind every ritual. Our ancient Indian both men and women used to pierce their ears as a tradition. It is believed that there is a scientific reason behind every ritual. It is believed that ear-piercing for the kids is performed to ensure proper brain development. The ear piercing point helps inactivating the parts of the brain. Many principles of acupressure says that when ear piercing points are stimulated, this helps in the healthiful and fast development of the brain. Join the trend of digital video invitations and make your kids ear-piercing ceremony as the memorable moment and surprise your guests with an ear piercing invitation online.

Baby Ear Piercing Function.

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Baby Ear Piercing Function Invitation.

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Invitation for ear Piercing Ceremony

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