Building Brand Ambassadors with Video Greetings

One of your secret weapons as a marketer should be brand ambassadors. These are people who love your products and services so much, they voluntarily talk about you. Finding and cultivating these amazing people takes work, but you can do it. Inviter can help.


You can engage potential brand ambassadors and nurture that relationship with video greetings, invitations, and emails. Use Inviter as your outlet.

➯ Video Greetings

You need to make brand ambassadors feel special. Do that by finding out birthdays. Take a minute or two to create a special birthday video greeting, wishing him or her a very happy birthday. Upload it to Inviter and you’re set! Do the same for holidays. Brand ambassadors will love it so much, they’ll share the video greeting on their social network, boosting your brand awareness and driving traffic to your website. That’s exactly what you want.

➯ Video Invitations for Brand Ambassador Events Only

One way to really connect with your brand ambassadors is to create special events just for them. Trust us—when they get there and realize it’s for them, they’ll be tweeting and Facebooking the event driving brand awareness. Instead of your traditional invite, send video invitations. These special events can be happy hours, special sales, meet and greets, tweetups, etc. Just make sure it’s exclusive to them and you’ll win them over.