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The naming ceremony is the traditional religious and cultural event that is performed for the just born kid or infant. Different communities perform "Naming Ceremony" in different ways. Hindu's call it "Namakaran" and is considered as important as the kid/infant is given the name. Christians generally have their Christening ceremony and Muslims have Akibah as per their holy Quran. Even though, the traditions may from region to region and religion to religion, the Naming ceremony is all, welcoming the newborn baby to the family and introducing to the family and friends. All the relatives shower the blessings on the baby. The name is a significant part of the baby's life because many believe that it may affect the fate of the child. Namakaran/naming ceremony is usually performed on the 11 or 28th day. These functions are usually performed at home in the presence of relatives and friends. If you are planning for a grand celebration on the occasion of your kid's naming ceremony, then invite your guests with a beautiful and elegant baby naming ceremony invitation and surprise them.

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