Video Newsletters

Want to make email more engaging? Instead of your traditional newsletters, send video newsletters. Over half of marketers using video in some format say they see higher ROI versus other content types. Videos in newsletters can help you do that.


Inviter’s version of video newsletters is pretty easy to use. Depending on your plan, you have 1-5 minutes of air time to communicate what you would normally write an email newsletter. Granted it’s shorter and you actually have to be engaging with the content, but the higher ROI is worth it. Here are a few pointers to get you started.

  1. Be selective with your topic. It should be intriguing enough to capture and keep your viewers’ attention.

  2. Include a call to action in the video and description.

  3. Provide more detailed information and supporting content in the description.

Actually coming up with video newsletter content can be a bit daunting. These newsletters can be video greetings for holidays and birthdays, newsworthy about corporate news and announcements, housekeeping items, etc.

You can also make these newsletters SEO friendly too. The actual newsletter is a web page. You can add links in the description section when you create the event. Use keywords and links to your website. It counts as back links. It’s how you integrate SEO and email and with better ROI.