Thank You Business Greeting Cards

Value is important in all business transactions. Once you gain a client or customer, you have to keep them. It’s cheaper to keep your existing base than it is to get new ones. How is really the big question here? How are you going to keep your customers or clients engaged after the sale so they return?

The first step is a thank you note…or in this case, a thank you business greeting card. Only 34% of businesses send personalized communication for customer retention purposes. We think that number is too low. You can boost that and boost your bottom line with something as simple as customizing a video email to simply say, “Thank you.”

Thank you video business greeting cards are simple to create. You can have a graphic thank you video or better yet, have your manager or one of your best team member who is popular with your customers or clients record a thank you video message. The video can be generic so you can reuse it. The customization comes with the text and details.

Below is a sample of our inviter’s “Thank You Video Email”. (Click on the below image to see the video.)

Inviter gives you the option to add details about each “event”. With this option, you can customize the text. This is where you add the personalization (in the text). Personalization should include:

  • ➛ First name

  • ➛ Services or products purchased

  • ➛ Date of transaction

  • ➛ Possible custom discount for next time

➯ Expected Outcome of Thank You Video Emails

The idea behind this is to help retain your clients or customers. What will most likely happen after the thank you video email is received are a few possible scenarios:

  • ➛ A feeling of warmth and appreciation

  • ➛ Social sharing on Facebook and Twitter because they feel valued

  • ➛ Potential increase in traffic, exposure, and conversions from the social shares

  • ➛ Customer loyalty in the form of returning for more products or repeat service

Saying thank you can mean keeping a customer or losing one. How you chose to do that is up to you. We here at Inviter would like to be part of that solution to help you grow and sustain your success. Get started today and send your first thank you video email.