Promotional Video Email Tips for Higher Conversions

Inviter’s video email service helps businesses increase their bottom line by creating a unique way of promoting products and services. Think of video emails as a commercial delivered directly to your customer or client’s inbox. Instead of paying for an expensive commercial, you pay for an affordable video email platform. All you need to do is create and upload a commercial (a video 1-2 minutes long) to your event, upload your contacts, schedule, and check your dashboard for results. It’s that simple.


➯ Here are a few tips to help boost the conversion of your video email.

  1. Keep it simple. You only have about a minute to capture your viewer’s attention. The video should be simple and to the point, describing the promotion or sale in the simplest, fastest way possible.

  2. Add more product information and text below the video. Inviter lets you add event details. This is space below the video that lets you add information about your promotion that you couldn’t or didn’t cover in your video.

  3. Add links. Make sure to include links to your website and social channels in the details section. Think of video emails more like video newsletters. Recipients will want more information and will go to your website and social channels to research your company before converting.

  4. Have a clear call to action. This goes without saying, but make sure that viewers know what they need to do. Do you want them to call, shop online, schedule an appointment? Make sure to include it in the video itself and also in the text below the email.

  5. Show the product if there is one. Your viewers want to actually see what you are promoting.

  6. Be sincere. You can have a sales pitch and still come off as sincere and genuine.

  7. Be consistent with your branding. You can upload a custom background image that is consistent with your branding. Our advice is to make it similar, if not the same as your social media covers. Consistency helps build brand awareness.

  8. Speak to one instead of many. You can address an audience or you can make your video more personal by addressing one person instead of the masses. Yes, you’re going to send your video to a list, but you can still give it a personal touch by creating a video as if you’re speaking to one person.