Mundan Ceremony Online Video Invitations

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  • 1. Select a video template
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  • 4. Upload photos, event details & audio
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What is Mundan Ceremony?

As mundan ceremony is organized for dear ones of the family, usually the guests are invited via phone call or message. While you try different themes for your baby’s mundan ceremony also try inviting guests in a different way. Create a video invitation with photos, text, and audio with Inviter. It only takes 30 minutes to create & download the final HD video invitation. Share the mundan ceremony invitation to guests via Whatsapp

Mundan Ceremony Video Invitations

India is well known for its rich culture and traditions. Every occasion and every first thing is celebrated with utmost joy like naming a child, giving the child their first solid food, ear piercing, puberty, etc., One such occasion is mundan ceremony. It is the ceremony where the child gets his/her first tonsure. The rituals performed in the mundan ceremony vary from region and religion. The ceremony begins with puja and then all the elderly people bless the child to have good health. Celebrate this important occasion of your child and invite your dear ones to bless the child