Kitty party generally means all the members of the kitty collects a sum of the amount from each member of the kitty and the amount is handed over to one woman in the kitty. That amount is given to one of the members of the kitty who has financial need. This operates same as the chit fund. Each member of the kitty has to host a party atleast once.

The party host will organize the food, and games to the women who is attending the kitty party. Here they get together to chat, play fun games and enjoy the food. These parties are usually organized for the socializing themselves and get relaxed from the normal daily routine. These parties are usually held at home and nowadays it very common to prefer a good hotel and enjoy it there. These parties are usually in the evenings.

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kitty Party Invitation Video

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Kitty Party Invitation

Steps to Create a Whatsapp Kitty Party Invittaion video

Sign Up with Inviter account

Sign up Inviter using email id or facebook credentials.

Pick the perfect and suitable Video Invitation template design

Select an exciting Online Invitation Template Designs for the Kitty Party.

Upload Photos, fill in with your Event Details, and Audio

Upload your baby’s photos, event details like date and time and the music which suits the theme of the kitty party invitation video.

Preview the Video Invitation and Pay and Download in HD quality

Preview the kitty party video invitation template design which you have created, make changes if there are any, Then Pay download the video in HD quality.

Share the Invitation via Social Media

Share the kitty party invitation video through email, SMS, and other social media platforms.

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