Your wedding is around and worried how to make wedding invitation video for whatsapp?. Then, you are at the right place! We are here to help you in creating the right whatsapp wedding invitation video with your photos and music. Video invites will always be special and a unique way for inviting friends and family. Not only inviting guests via online platforms but also you can get the RSVP info, whether they are attending the wedding or not.

The wedding invitation video for whatsapp must be only of 16MB to share it on whatsapp and also be should be in good quality. Isn't it sounds like a challenge? But it is where we win exactly. We provide various latest and beautiful wedding video invitation templates. Checkout our latest sample of peacock theme whatsapp wedding invitation video.

Wedding Invitation Video For Whatsapp

Requirements for a WhatsApp Wedding Invitation Video

1.Name of the Bride and Groom

Full name of both the bride and groom you want to add into the video invitation and any other names of your family member's.

2.Photos of Bride and Groom

The images you should provide to us is depends on the invitation template you choose. We have various templates with different number of images to add in it and we increase or decrease the number of images of your choice.

3.Details of the Event

Complete details of the wedding like venue, date and time.

WhatsApp Invitation Video Maker

Steps to Create Wedding Invitation Video with Our Whatsapp Invitation Video Maker

1.Sign Up to Inviter Video Maker

Register in website with your email Id and required details or if you already registered login to the Inviter.

2.Choose Wedding Video Invitation Template

Click on create video in my videos, choose wedding category and select the template of your can also try the premium templates by paying a certain amount for the template.

3.Enter Invitation Event Details or Text

Enter the details of the wedding invitation like date, time and venue

4.Upload Your own Images and Music

Select the images and music you want to add to your wedding invitation video or else you can go with the default music if you wish to.

5.Preview, Download HD video and share in WhatsApp

Preview your Punjabi wedding invitation video before you download and share it. make changes if necessary. Download it in HD quality and share it in WhatsApp and social media platforms.