Ear Piercing Ceremony Invitation

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Indian Ear Piercing Ceremony

Ear piercing ceremony for a baby is one of the most important occasions. This important occasion has to be celebrated with family and friends by inviting them with a video invitation with Inviter. Our video invitation designs are trendy and beautiful and suits for all traditions around the world. We do have exclusive ear-piercing video invitations which are edited by our experienced designers. Share this video invitation with your family and friends and surprise them by sending them through social media platforms.

Ear - Piercing Ceremony Invitation

Ear-piercing is a traditional ritual performed for the baby. The baby’s ears are pierced in the first or third year. Different people follow different rituals for the ear-piercing ceremony. Some people pierce the ears on the mundan ceremony day and some others pierce the ears on the namkaran ceremony. The baby’s ears are pierced. The baby’s ears are pierced by the roadside gold vendors or by a family goldsmith. The ear-piercing is done at the center of the lobe by an experienced goldsmith or by an ear-piercer. Usually ear-piercing is family function and very close relatives and friends are invited