Bridal Shower Ideas

Pre-wedding occasions are even more fun and enjoyable. Bridal Shower is one of such occasions that makes the bride feel very special because it is entirely based on her ideas and likings. Being the center of attraction, the bride, on this day, likes to spend time her fellow beings and close friends for rejoicing her life before she meets the wedding day. So this day needs to be very distinct with unusual planning and event.

Ideas for Bridal Shower

  • Make a list of the guests be invited on the occasion. Don’t forget to send a video invitation to your guests via

  • It is necessary to make the bride feel special in her own way, so the idea of having a bridal shower theme and table with the bride’s favorite drinks and desserts is even better.

  • Use a dress code. Especially, when all the bride mates are invited, you can pull out your red and white favorite attire from the closet to keep the look-alike structure.

  • You can arrange a range of cool and sparkling refreshments and juices with bowls of fresh fruits ending the list.

  • For additional fun, arrange some interesting games like, Bridal Bingo, where each and every guest will fill out the boxes with a gift that they think the bride will receive on her wedding. You can arrange any other games you like.

  • Have some candlelight fun with some aromatic candles that light up the room. Brides love candles for sure.

  • Decorate a space with colorful balloons of various sizes into a wired frame.

  • Use the seasonal elements for decorations like the umbrella centerpieces to suit the rainy season or something similar.

  • Place some fancy Oreo pop dipped in melted white chocolate and filled with rainbow sparkles. It’s a fun dessert.

  • Give some advice to the to-be-bride in some inexpensive wooden spoons and send them in a jar to the bride.

  • Highlight a space with stunning photographs of the bride’s taken throughout the years.

  • Arrange a flower decoration with a dozen of flowers with ribbons on a lace-covered embroidery band.

  • Organize a special chair for the bride-to-be who is the guest of honor. Decorate her chair in a special way.

  • Use the wedding countdown sign which can also be used as a great prop for clicking photos.

  • Place a conversation starter sign displaying the favorite quotes of the bride-to-be.

  • Use doughnuts as engagement rings and attach a diamond shaped cutout to convert it to a cute decoration.

  • Use beautiful signs that portray the wedding couple and their journey.

  • If you are too skeptical about giving a speech in front of your guests, then play a video instead dedicated to the bride-to-be. You can arrange a series of her childhood photographs up to the recent ones. That would be emotional as well as nostalgic.

  • Let the guests sign a champagne bottle for the bride with well wishes to be carried at home.

  • Hang some photographs of the wedding couple in balloons for an enticing display.

  • In case the event is held during the daytime, you can offer a variety of teas and stones served on beautiful china with floral-print paper napkins.

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