Some of the special events such as birthday, wedding days tend to be extra special to us. We all are aware of the preparations and management that goes behind the scene of these events. Right from invitations to the food and venue, we wish to make everything just perfect. So, why do go for the old conventional ways of sending invitations? Why not give online video invitations instead?


Advantages of Online Video Invitations


One of the best reasons as to why online video invitations should be preferred on such auspicious occasions is that they provide a personalized touch to the invites. Everyone loves to get things or watch things that are exclusive and personalized. With the same logic, we can say that the personalization of this online video invites makes it much more alluring.


The concept is unique and not everybody chooses to approach this unique way. If you opt for video invitations over the conventional ones, you are giving them a good reason to remember your special event. This unique element added in the style of invitation makes the event much more interesting to attend from the perspective of the guests.


Along with uniqueness it also carries creativity which is highly important. With printed invites has a little scope of creativity, video invitations don’t come with any of such restrictions. Sending video invitations adds a tinge of creativity to the events you are sending invites for hence it is ideal for such special events.

Personal Touch

The notion that you can’t render a personalized touch to the online video invitations is totally wrong. In fact through video invites, without being actually present at that place you can still make your presence felt by actually inviting guests through these wedding invitations.


Online video invitations come in with lots of flexibility. In case of any last-minute changes, all you need to do is upload a small video informing your guests about the last-minute changes and there your work is done within minutes. Besides, these invites are totally pocket-friendly and extremely easy to design. You need not be a pro to create these video invitations.

Tell your story

Where else would you find this versatility! Through video invitations, you can actually tell your story to your close friends through a small collage of photos of how you guys met and share in some sweet memories as well. Thus, all these small gestures of love and affection can only be filled into invites through online video invitations.

We hope these concrete reasons shall certainly inspire you to try our video invitations for your special occasions. In case you want to know more about the features of video invitations then feel free to log in to our official site. You can also go through a sample demo to understand how easily can you prepare these video invitations. If you have any doubts, get in touch with us through your comments.