Nine months of waiting, labor pains, morning sickness, mood swings and every stress a mother-to-be goes through seems completely worthy when she looks at that little face yawning. It becomes the best moment of her life when she holds her child for the first time. That is when she finally realizes that she is now a mother.

baby shower invitations

A baby shower is probably one of the most important events for a mother-to-be. You not only want to share the happiness of this huge transformation, you also want to share your fears, the cold feet, the nervousness you are experiencing every day. And these feelings can only be shared with the people who are special to you and who love you unconditionally.

In this modern era, technology has become a primary necessity and luxury to almost everything. This goes for sending invitations as well. Post cards and greeting cards have their value but they can be quite tedious to send to everyone. Especially at this time when you have so much to do. So here are some alternate ways of sending Baby Shower invitations using technology:

• Easy and effective baby shower invitations:

There are hundreds of design templates available on the internet. All you have to do is add you text and picture and your invitation is ready. Now it is your personal choice whether to send it online or mail it to the people you love.

Baby Shower Video Invitations

• The choice to be creative:

If you want to customize your templates completely, even that can be done. There are many websites which give you a freedom to edit the templates completely. This is especially useful when you want to send different kinds of invitations to different people. For instance, if you want to send a formal invitation to your colleagues and a little more personalized invitation to your close friends, a provision of editable templates can help a lot.

• GIF images:

This might be the best way to send invitations if you want something sweet, simple and interesting. These can be sent via social media networking sites and apps in your smartphone.

• Video templates:

You can also send video invitation templates which could include a small video, text, and music. There are many sites which offer free as well as paid video templates for an invitation.

• Interactive baby shower invitations:

These type of invitations are mostly made on flash where the content of your invitation come in parts. To see the next part, one has to click or tap on the e invitation card.

• Inviting as a child:

You can invite all the people on behalf of your expected baby. So to keep that liveliness, your invitation can be an animated one. There are a lot of web sites and apps which can help you design an animated invitation.

Use of technology not only helps you to be cost efficient, it also gives you an opportunity to be a little innovative with your invitations. Apart from that, these are much more convenient than sending out invitation cards which also leaves you with a doubt whether your invitation has reached its destination or not.