Thank Your Guests With Video Greetings

“At last! We are married”.

The bride and groom stood at the altar and gazed around. They whispered to themselves. Surrounded by friends and family they united into one.  A week later as they were browsing through their social networking sites all they could spot were groupfies. Family and friends who were present at their wedding had shared their heartfelt congratulations via internet. The couple felt blessed.


“What are we going to do in return for all the love?” asked the lady leaning onto her husband. The husband cameup with a thank you video. But the guest list is huge and they wanted it to be more of personalized and touching. Searching on google, they found Inviter being able to offer all that they are looking to send a video greeting.

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Create Love via Thank you Video Greeting

I remember a popular quote that I came across last week on the web while I was creating a Thank you video greeting to thank my friends for such a wonderful party we had.

“Saying thank you creates love” – Daphne Rose Kingma

This simple quote explains it all in just a two words “Thank You”. We get no.of occasions to thank someone. We thank them for being kind with us or for helping us. Saying “Thank you” was taught to us since childhood, to say when some one helps or spends their time and energy for us. It’s a kind of social courtesy, to wish some one for their help.


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Recalling college life by video greetings

College time is the best time where we meet our best pals of lifetime. Though we are in old age, college memories occupy an important role in our lives. There is something special about these college days. Everyone, as a student gets chance to experience this unique feeling not matter how successful you be in … Read more Recalling college life by video greetings

Onam: Harvest Festival

Onam is the biggest and most important festival in the state of Kerala, India. It is a harvest festival celebrated with joy and excitement by the people of all communities all over the state for 10 days. It is believed that Onam celebrations are started from the time of Kulasekhara Perumals (800 A.D). The Onam festival falls during the month of Chingam, the first month of Malayalam calendar (Kollavarsham). This corresponds with the months of August-September according to Gregorian calendar.

This festival is celebrated to welcome their king Mahabali from Patala ( the underworld), whose spirit is said to visit Kerala at the time of Onam. Nambudiri Brahmins of Kerala are the most spirited about Onam celebrations as they credit it’s origin to their own community.

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La Tomatina..!!

La Tomatina is a food festival celebrated on the last Wednesday of every august in the town of Bunol near to Valencia in Spain, a town located 30 km from the Mediterranean. People from all corners of the world visit this city to fight in the “World’s Biggest Food Fight” where more than forty metric … Read more La Tomatina..!!

Celebrating Seniors: Using Video Greetings for a Smile

Did you know that August 21st was Senior Citizens’ Day in the USA? It probably went unnoticed since it’s one of those unofficial holidays. Celebrating Seniors Citizens’ Day was the work of the late President Ronald Reagan. It was supposed to remind all of us to spend time with our elders.


We get caught up in our own lives that it’s easy to forget to call or check on our grandparents, elderly neighbors and family members.

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