One of the most memorable moments of childhood for many including you and me would be making paper aeroplanes out of pamphlets that used to be kept inside newspapers. These yellow, pale green or pink notices would contain invitations for shop openings, information about attractive deals or discounts in your favorite shops, newsletter about the locality or even new product launch.


One ritualistic reading and it goes into bin. One hand this traditional newsletter causes wastage of valuable paper and on the other hand the information delivery methodology is old and unattractive. Being an entrepreneur of today, one has to learn how to extract technological brilliance and make these newsletters work its worth. And exactly, this is what the latest generation is practicing on the name of Video Newsletters.

An Easy, Appealing and Fast Option!

Video based marketing campaigns include promoting the products or services using video newsletters across several domains in the World Wide Web. Designing a video newsletter is easy with many email marketing services providing pre-designed templates for conceiving and preparing the content. The video newsletter can include graphical reports related to latest market trend, new product’s attractive features, monsoon discounts or summer sale, public reviews etc., which will keep audience glued to their screens. Video newsletters are designed to the point and they convey the complete content within short time, stunning visuals and sharp words. Lastly, if celebrity endorsements are also included in the video newsletter it becomes a sure shot winner.

Stand out from Crowd…

Among the various video newsletter drafting and sending service providers, Inviter stands tall and proficient. Inviter is a free group email sharing service through which you can upload your video newsletters to nearly 50 clients in one mouse click. You can create separate guest lists and send them personalized video newsletters in a short time. It helps you to collect statistics related to number of video newsletter delivered, the number of letters read and also the unfortunate number of newsletters rejected in trash. It is an easy to learn and use website and sending video newsletters through it is simple and straightforward.

Choosing video newsletters over traditional notice or pamphlets is a wise choice as it saves paper and is also a definite delivery method. Your target audience can be anywhere in the world, but you can bind them together with high-quality video upload and secure newsletter delivery!