Selfies… Groupfies… Bedfies and now Instagram videos! There is no stoppage for technology invasion in one’s lives. Be it your first date or your bad hair day, social networking sites are the first to know your innate feelings.


Not only youngsters, the internet bug has bitten people of all age groups and in one way it is a blessing. Shopping can be done from home, bills can be paid anytime, learning has never been so easy and most importantly, friends and family can be kept in loop and you don’t miss any important day in each other’s life. When every sector has reaped some or the other benefits from the use of latest technology, why should the e-commerce sector stand back and wait for their chance?

It’s about Capturing Customer’s Attention

E-commerce businesses are already based out of internet.  They are used to sending email notifications, uploading product photographs on their website and also regular newsletters, auto responders etc. to their loyal customers. But to stand tall and compete with their customers in the rat race, all they just need to adapt themselves to the latest advancements of technology like interacting with customers through Facebook fan pages or Twitter, sharing product demo video, customer review videos, testimonials, user feedbacks etc. This concept is known as Video Marketing which is the best way to capture new customer’s attention and retain existing customer’s faith and belief. Through video’s that are enchanting and captivating, the product popularity soars high. And by using social networking sites as a medium, these video can be shared in a wider radius. The web page hit rate increases leading to more publicity. Video marketing revolves around product showcase where nice story is woven around the product with attractive visuals.

Your video is ready. It is entertaining, thoughtful and also visually a treat to watch. How to take it to the audience? You can use Inviter- the online video sharing portal whose aim is to take videos anywhere everywhere across the globe with less effort. Inviter helps you to personalize your video message and this option can be utilized to market the advantages of the current product.  With Inviter, marketing campaigns get viral among people and sales figures have grown over limits.

More than 50 recipients can receive the video uploaded in one mouse click. Such is the power of such platforms. With video marketing, grow business beyond limits!