Sri Krishna Janmashtami

Sri Krishna Janmashtami also referred with other names. It called Gokulashtami or Janmashtami. It is one of the famous traditional Hindu festival in India. Moreover, Many believe that Lord Sri Krishna is the eighth incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Janmashtami celebrated insignificance to the birth of Lord Sri Krishna. This Day celebrated with devotion and fun … Read more Sri Krishna Janmashtami

Invitations That Wow The Guests

The date is set for celebrating an event, and now you are on important task with spreading the word about your event to guests. For Instance, what type of invitation will catch their eye?. Most importantly, be appropriate Invitations for the occasion?¬†Every one prefers for one-of-a-kind invitations. An Invitation gives basic information about the event, … Read more Invitations That Wow The Guests

Things That Make Wedding So Special

India known not only for its different traditions but also for its diverse cultures. In other words, India’s culture varies from region to region. Spirituality, religion, customs, and rituals occupy more space in the lives of people living in India. People in India speak different languages, dress differently, eat differently, follow different religions. In India … Read more Things That Make Wedding So Special

Muslim Wedding Invitation

Islam is one of the most prominent religions in India with 14% of the population. Wedding is mandatory in Islam as it preserves and multiplies Islam through his family and future generations. Muslim wedding invitations are created by strictly following their customs. Wedding traditions in Islam vary based on the countries but at heart, it … Read more Muslim Wedding Invitation

Make Your Engagement Party Invitations Stand Out

Officially marking the beginning of a new phase in your life, an engagement is no less than an official seal that binds two individuals into a relationship. The ring exchange ceremony across the globe is celebrated depending upon the religion and culture that an individual belongs to. However, one element that remains same is eagerness to stand out among all and feel special on the D-day.

engagement party invitations

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Birthday Invitation Video Maker App

When you think about your birthday, it seems to be an opportunity for your friends and family to come together and congratulating you for surviving another year. But actually, it is far more than that. It is a day that comes only once a year and people should be celebrating it for several reasons. It is a time when a person acknowledges the anniversary of his/her birth.

birthday invitation video maker

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Redefining The Traditional Rajasthani Wedding Invitations

Just like the scintillating sand of the desert, Rajasthani weddings are known for their shiny glamour and colorful look. The element of rich and distinctive jewelry, bridal wear and exotic mouth-watering delicacies paint a riot of happiness and memorable memories for both the families of the bride and the groom.

Rajasthani wedding invitations

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Free Wedding Invitation Video Maker

Your wedding is one of the most important event in your life after all most it happens just once. This sacred event is at times one of the most awaited moment in our lives. However, wedding is such a huge deal. Doing arrangements before wedding is not at all an easy task which is why people often begin planning right from the very beginning, say 2 months prior.

free wedding invitation video

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