“Are you listening?”- this time, the sound was big, loud and clear and no one could escape it. Mom was more angry than usual at dad today. Reason? It was their fiftieth-anniversary party and she wanted to make it pompous and big. Being a perfectionist, mom decided to supervise the anniversary event preparations by herself with dad’s support.


It was the day of rolling out the invites for the big day and she was nudging dad to go and collect the invites from the printer. Dad wasn’t budging from his chair and was glued to his laptop. Irritated, when mom was about to burst her bubble, her phone clicked. She had received an e-mail, which changed her mood in a second. What did it contain? Was it a magical spell? What was it? It was her and her dearest husband’s fiftieth wedding anniversary video invitation – specially drafted, edited, created and shared across by dad. And how he did it?

Inviter spelled the magic…

Inviter – the most easily accessible and free video invitations and video greetings platform have been the secret tool that has aided dad to be his creative best. Inviter portal can be used to re-define traditional party invitations in the form of sleek and stylish personal video invitations wherein the concerned can address their family and friends through a sweet message drafted in the form of a lovely and personal video. Also, these video messages can be shot via a camcorder or a smartphone quickly, and uploaded to more recipients within no time. No formal video recording specialist or no special device is required to do the same. And the output is just amazing! To make party planning simple and efficient, online RSVP invitations can also be sent via Inviter.

Sprinkle some spice in traditional celebration with Inviter

Inviter – video invitations are the best when one is looking to make their traditional celebrations more smart and sensible. It makes the guests feel more valuable and pricey as it contains a personal message for them from the hosts themselves. This instantly builds up a great connection between the hearts and reminds the guests of the many special and emotional moments spent together. Moreover, it makes the party planning simple and straightforward which in turn reduces the number of hassles. In short, Inviter is a multi-faceted party planner in disguise. Opt for Inviter and see how your special event turn to be a very special and valued event for your guests as well.