All birthdays are special as they are the time for retrospection and analysis of how we lived our life in the previous year. We celebrate the joy and happiness that we got in this time and we thank god for it.


This is also the time to show our appreciation towards the people who have contributed towards making it special. However, there is something extra special about the milestone birthdays which are the 18th, 21st, 40th and 60th birthday of an individual.

These milestone birthdays mark the passing of an era in a person’s life. They are especially an occasion for celebration if he or she finds that the passing era was a fruitful one and the vision of the future is pleasant. These milestones are the time when a person needs all the good wishes and sincere feelings of their loved ones. This is the reason that it is important to convey such good wishes to the person who is crossing the particular milestone. Of course, you can opt for the usual method of giving paper birthday cards along with your gifts, but if you really want to make your birthday wishes eloquent then a video birthday greeting is advisable.

As technology advanced, the paper greetings were replaced by emails and these were soon replaced by video greetings. Up until recently, it was possible only to send video greetings which were essentially some animations which had almost no scope of customization. However, nowadays you can find websites which allow you to send a customized tailor-made video to your loved ones. What’s more with all mobile phones equipped with cameras making the video itself is no major hassle. You can give free reign to your creativity while making these videos and include funny characters, props and other items to make them unique. You can also depict the moments spent with the recipient which have special meaning for you both. Adding special songs and music can add extra emotion to the videos and make them more eloquent.

This is the reason that these online free video greetings for milestone birthdays are becoming more and more popular. Sending such video greetings to your loved ones is a great way of saying that you wish well for them. It also conveys the message that you are ready to make an extra effort to make them feel special and to bring a smile to their face.

It is also quite simple and cost effective to send these video greetings. You can search for the websites providing these services with the relevant keywords on your favorite search engine. Then you need to upload the video with the help of the directions given on the website and provide the email address of the recipient. Some of these websites also provide free trials for the initial few messages. After this there are some nominal charges which are quite cost effective in sending the video greetings and the cost is not a hassle because of the value that you get from it.