Sales are about to climb for florists, jewellers, bakeries, and retailers as February 14th draws nearer. Yes, Valentine’s Day will be here in a blink. It can be a fun, harmless, cheerful holiday. It’s thrown in there as if to make us all feel a little better for not receiving a gift or two during January.

valentines_day_video greeting

That being said, most employers don’t do anything to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Maybe employees bring in treats for the occasion, but most ignore it.

Your company doesn’t have to be one of those company’s that does nothing. You can boost moral and make it fun. There are lots of things you can do.

  • For starters, shoot a silly video greeting with managers and supervisors, wishing employees a Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • Send email video-grams from managers to their departments
  • Provide snacks and treats
  • Encourage employees to send Valentine’s showing appreciation for their co-workers

Early adopters like yourselves can have fun and use technology to make any day fun. Why not do something different this Valentine’s Day? You may just make it special and a little less depressing for a few people who are alone that day.