In this digital age and technology being handy everybody loves taking photos, recording small video clips and sharing them on to their social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, etc., But have you given a thought on what else we can use your photos & video clips into?


Let’s get into details. Have you ever done a dubsmash video and posted it onto your social accounts? How was the response? Pretty cool, right!! That’s how a video impacts viewers as compared to plane photos.

Your son’s birthday is in 10 days and you want to organize a special birthday party by inviting your family and friends by sending e-invitations. But the options you get to have on those online invitations makers don’t satisfy the need for what you are looking for? Then video invitations are the thing you should be looking for. You can either do a simple video recording your message inviting your guests or you can add up some fun to your video invite. You can use Dubsmash app and create a funny message inviting your guests and also mix some bloopers and turn them into a beautiful video birthday invitations and send it to your friends and family. The moment they open your video invitation, they do find it interactive, personalized, funny and innovative.

How To create a Birthday Video Invitation?

Creating and sending a birthday video invitation was never easy. But with Inviter, it’s as easy as clicking a selfie. All you need is to sign up for an account, activate and then create your video invitation by entering a few details. In the second step, you get an option to turn your photos and video clips into a video. Once you add photos and video clips, you can preview the final video of it and once you finalize it, you can generate your video and is automatically added to your video invitation.

You can also personalize your video invitation according to your preferences. You can change your email view colors, button colors. You can also add a detailed text message to your video invitation. Inviter video invitations give you a feel of creating your own web page, which is fully personalized. You can also change your guest page background with your choice. The RSVP and email reports let you track your guest’s responses and activity.

To keep up with the social trends, social sharing icons are also available on the guest page. For sample video greetings and video invitations, visit our website homepage.