Motherhood is the most thrilling and adventurous journey of a woman’s life. Along with the big celebration comes lots of tension and pressure. If one of your friends or relatives are expecting, why not throw a baby shower for them and relieve them of all the stress, at least for some time?


Don’t worry, it does not have to be too expensive. Here are some tips to throw a budget friendly baby shower.

Take Ideas from Pinterest

The social media giant Pinterest has always been the right place for finding DIY ideas. Signup on Pinterest and get access to hundreds of affordable DIY baby shower ideas. Starting from colorful lanterns to table clothes, there are things simpler beyond your imagination. Pinterest is also good for printable banners and other party items.


Send Digital Invites

Paper invitation and postage are only going to add to your budget. Prefer free online baby shower invitations instead of the conventional photo invitations.


You can use Inviter to send custom online invitations, which will bring down your budget immensely. Even the moms-to-be can utilize these invites to send digital thank you message to friends and relatives.

Buy in Bulk

Buying in bulk can save you a lot. Before you make any purchase, make sure you have compiled the whole list. In place of Mylar balloons, go for the latex ones. No matter what color they are, the monochromatic balloons always make a great statement. While buying other items, look for places offering discounts and sale.

Go for DIYs

There are things that you can easily create on your own. Take the help of some of your friends and create some cute decorative pieces. Tissue balls, banners, decorating pieces, and wrapping papers are some of the many things that can be created at home easily.


If possible, you can also borrow some items from friends and relatives taking part in the baby shower. DIY decorations can be created inexpensively yet they make for an interesting addition.

Ask for help

You really don’t need to do everything alone, friends and relatives participating in the baby shower can help you complete the arrangement. Someone can bring the drinks, while others can help you in preparing food. You can even ask some of them to help in taking care of the activities arranged. Believe us, this one step can cut down your budget to half.

Don’t hesitate in throwing this party, as leveraging just these points can help you arrange a party within a budget.