Your baby’s going to complete a milestone and this is something’s worth celebrating. Being a successful parent, you are contented with this achievement and the celebration’s going to be a blast. You are definitely in the mood of partying with this huge achievement and invite a huge list of guests to see your baby smile. Then why not start planning out your kid’s 1st birthday before you run out of time? So here we are going to mention the complete checklist for your baby’s 1st birthday that you should not give up following for a grander celebration.

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1st Birthday Party

1st Birthday Party Checklist

Choose a party location

Now that you have decided to host a grand party for your 1-year-old, the location should be a good place with a good atmosphere. Since it’s a kid’s birthday you should choose a bigger location so that the other kids and play and enjoy. You can select your backyard lawn (if you got one) or choose a party hall or some other exterior venue.

party venue

List down your guests

List down the number of guests you are going to invite. List your closer ones, including family members, friends, colleagues, and ex-colleagues or whoever you are close to. Make sure no one misses out. You can refer to your social network friends’ list to find more people to invite.

Plan your baby’s outfit

Your baby is the rock star of the party, so dress him/her with an appealing outfit. He/she should look entirely beautiful and should be the center of attraction to your guests. So make sure you choose a pretty good outfit. You can visit the kids’ showroom to find a good set of attires.

Choose a birthday cake

Next to your baby, everyone will have their eyes on the birthday cake. So get the cake ordered from a good bakery or sweet shop who is a professional cake maker. You can choose the cake layout and design based on your kids’ interest and likes, for e.g. a teddy bear, a toy train, or maybe a fairy castle.

Birthday Cake

Make a shopping list

Create a shopping list for the event. Make a list of the necessary items like decoration stuff, return gifts, costumes, balloons, chocolates, ribbons, and other stuff those are required in a party. You can take suggestions from your family members and friends.

Choose the menu

Since you are holding a grand party, the food should not be out of class. Create a food menu and contact a good catering service. Discuss the items with them and also take their suggestions on the same. Do not forget to add a sweet dish to the menu to enhance your guests’ appetite.

Decoration ideas

If you have any decoration idea or have chosen a party theme, then plan it along. You can also get in touch with a decorator or event manager to decide the theme of the party or discuss how to get the venue decorated. Overall, the venue should have the perfect ambiance.

Send photo/video invitations

Finally, when you are all done with the important arrangements for the party, now it’s time to send your guests an invitation. The online invitations are nowadays in trend and they do not take a minute to reach your invitees. So you can get in touch with to shoot a video invitation to your guests.

1st birthday video invitation

Now we hope your baby’s 1st birthday would be rocking and your guests would have a lifetime experience.