Thank Your Guests With Video Greetings

“At last! We are married”.

The bride and groom stood at the altar and gazed around. They whispered to themselves. Surrounded by friends and family they united into one.  A week later as they were browsing through their social networking sites all they could spot were groupfies. Family and friends who were present at their wedding had shared their heartfelt congratulations via internet. The couple felt blessed.


“What are we going to do in return for all the love?” asked the lady leaning onto her husband. The husband cameup with a thank you video. But the guest list is huge and they wanted it to be more of personalized and touching. Searching on google, they found Inviter being able to offer all that they are looking to send a video greeting.

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February’s Webinar: Humanizing Your Brand with Video 2/17

As promised, every month Inviter is going to do a webinar. Last month’s webinar was on Boosting Engagement. February’s webinar is scheduled to be aired on 17th at 7:30 pm. I’m going to discuss on Humanizing Your Brand, ways to cut through the traditional way of approaching customers and making you seem more human… like a person instead … Read more February’s Webinar: Humanizing Your Brand with Video 2/17

Create Love via Thank you Video Greeting

I remember a popular quote that I came across last week on the web while I was creating a Thank you video greeting to thank my friends for such a wonderful party we had.

“Saying thank you creates love” – Daphne Rose Kingma

This simple quote explains it all in just a two words “Thank You”. We get no.of occasions to thank someone. We thank them for being kind with us or for helping us. Saying “Thank you” was taught to us since childhood, to say when some one helps or spends their time and energy for us. It’s a kind of social courtesy, to wish some one for their help.


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Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving or Thanksgiving Day has been a custom since 1863 and celebrated annually. The first thanksgiving was celebrated in 1621 by the pilgrims(Plymouth settlers) after their first harvest in the new world as a token of thanks to god for his blessings. During the time of Abraham Lincoln as United States President, announced a national … Read more Thanksgiving Day

Remember 9-11 with Video Greeting Cards

For some of us, this week brings back memories. Like many across the globe, Americans experienced what it feels like to be attacked for the first time at home. September 11, 2001 shocked every American.


Terrorism wasn’t something we were familiar with. Sure, we saw it on the news and watched clips on the news of others experiencing these acts of cruelty. But everything changed for us 12 years ago.

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Save a Tree by sending Video Thank you Note

Thank You a phrase used to express gratitude is in use since 1792. Acknowledging other people and each other is our basic responsibility as human beings. In fact Thank You acknowledges the person who is receiving it and also the person who is offering it. A genuine appreciation, letting the people in your life know … Read more Save a Tree by sending Video Thank you Note