How to Create Wedding Invitation Video

A wedding is the most special day in a person’s life. It is the harmonious union of two lovers who take vows to stay together forever. This heavenly fixture between two souls is celebrated all over the world. People from different religions have their way of celebrating their wedding day. Arranging the wedding in the … Read more How to Create Wedding Invitation Video

Punjabi Wedding Planning Ideas & Online Video Invitations

Wedding is seriously a big and important affair and that is especially the case if the wedding in punjabi.

Punjabi weddings are really the big fat Indian weddings with a lot of food, lights, crackers, music and booze. As they say, if you ever wish to enjoy a wedding, Punjabi wedding is where you need to go.

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WhatsApp Wedding Video Invitation Maker

Wedding ceremonies are the cherished moments in a couple’s history and serve several purposes. It is often utilized as the entering of a couple into a marital contract and a publicly displaying marriage vows. The focus of the wedding ceremony for many couples is on their commitment and love for each other and, they have the love and support of their family and friends.

whatsapp wedding video invitations

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