Happy Friendship Day

Usually, every year Friendship Day celebrated on first Sunday of August. This year it takes place on August 4th, 2019. Friendship Day accepted and celebrated in many countries including India. Many people come into our lives, but only a few become best friends. This day observed, especially for best friends.    Try Video Invitations We … Read more Happy Friendship Day

Mother’s Day Flowers

Mother really deserves the best Mother’s day gift for everything the most she does for us. Flowers are the best way to express appreciation to Mom. Mother’s Day is the busiest day for most of the florists who sell flowers. It is the 3rd highest selling day in Us. Flowers brings freshness and fragrance which … Read more Mother’s Day Flowers

10 Birthday Gift Ideas for your Loving Mom

Wondering what Birthday Gift to be given to a special person on her special day? The only person who keeps on giving all through her entire life without expecting anything in return is none other than one’s Mom. It is a fact that there is no one on this planet who can give more than … Read more 10 Birthday Gift Ideas for your Loving Mom

1st Birthday Invitation Template

The happiest and exciting moment ever is when your little baby turning one year old. Are you in the same line?. Then surely, you are planning to celebrate this milestone birthday as big as you can. Am I right? If yes, then join me in further. No matter how big the party is invitation is … Read more 1st Birthday Invitation Template

4 Types of invites for your kids second birthday party

As per the trend majority of parent’s celebrate their kid’s first birthday in the most memorable way that is possible for them. However, when it comes to second birthday, often they run out of creative ideas as everything creative element is almost used up in the first birthday.

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WhatsApp Wedding Video Invitation Maker

Wedding ceremonies are the cherished moments in a couple’s history and serve several purposes. It is often utilized as the entering of a couple into a marital contract and a publicly displaying marriage vows. The focus of the wedding ceremony for many couples is on their commitment and love for each other and, they have the love and support of their family and friends.

whatsapp wedding video invitations

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Roka Ceremony Online Video Invitations

A traditional Punjabi wedding has numerous rituals, which have a distinct significance and charm that lead to the big day. It begins with a Roka ceremony, which is a simple event usually attended by close family and in a mutually convenient date backed by ‘shubh muhurat’. This is actually an unofficial engagement ritual where the groom’s family members and his friends attend the function and give blessings to the would-be bride. The ceremony started in the old tradition of the arranged marriage norm, where the patra or Patri’s parents would announce that they are searching for a suitable or the best match for their son or daughter and once they had found that match, their search had come to an end.

roka ceremony

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Celebrate your daughter’s half saree ceremony with DIY Video Invites

India being a religious and cultural country is full of religious activities and ceremonies. These ceremonies start with the birth of a child and it goes on. The ceremonies are considered pretty auspicious and are celebrated with a lot of pride. A half saree tradition is basically a south Indian ceremony where girls between the of puberty and marriage wear Langa voni or two pieces or half saree. It is basically a skirt that is tied around the waist with a string and 2.5m cloth in length. The modern lehenga choli is inspired by the half saree.

half saree ceremony

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Unique ideas to throw an ultimate 18th birthday bash!

So you are turning 18 and this is the best time when you can enjoy your birthday in an adult way. So when you are reading this you must be thinking about what are the best 18th birthday bash ideas! As you Continue reading this article you will discover the best 18th brilliant ideas on this planet.

18th birthday

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Easy to customize half saree function video invitations

AIndia is a land of Culture and rituals. Here each and every ceremony is celebrated with pride. These ceremonies start with the birth of a child and go on. There are over 1 million ceremonies in a specific state. These ceremonies are celebrated as offering to the Gods for the long and prosperous life of the child. Each and every family invest a lot in these ceremonies and are considered special events of the whole family. One such ceremony which is famous is the whole of south India is the half saree funtion or the Langa voni ceremony.

half saree function

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Birthday Party Invitations – How to create them & send?

It is quite true that creating your own birthday party invitations is so much fun. And this is something you can do together with the birthday kid the birthday guy. If you are not good with craft or you don’t feel like making anything then there are thousands of already made invitations cards that can be bought from the local Store.

birthday party invitations

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How to throw a memorable & unique housewarming party

In India, housewarming parties have been in the tradition for thousands of years and still on the trend. A new start, fresh layout, and a huge opportunity of finally getting organized once and for all. Friends and families come over to welcome you, bless you and yours into your new house and warm it up like a family.


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How to host a theme birthday party?

The birthday parties of your childhood would give you one of the best and most memorable lasting memories and images of his or her childhood. Arranging for such a special day would not take a huge amount of money. It only takes a little bit of planning and forethought. Here in this article some of the tips for making your child’s birthday fun has been mentioned:

birthday party

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DIY Video Invitations For Dhoti Ceremony

Has your little one started to show signs of stubble in the face and the slight deepening of voice? While he is all excited about being a man he will forever be your little boy! To celebrate his adolescence boys are gifted a 6 feet long and 3 and a half feet wide White cloth called a dhoti. In the early days, this was quite a common ceremony.

dhoti ceremony

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Tips To Create A Personalized Half Saree Function Video Invitation

As your little daughter’s aunt applies Sandalwood on her cheek, mother sprinkles rosewater on her head, while she sits looking beautiful in a bright Golden bordered saree, you suddenly realize she is maturing – the feminine side of her is blossoming and it is time to celebrate that! It probably also gives you a review after marriage as she steps into her womanhood.

half saree function

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Sweet 16 Birthday Video Invitation

Sixteen is an age of passing on from teenage to early adulthood. It’s not another reason and year to celebrate (well, maybe! But..), 16 indeed is a milestone age for a teenager. They say “a year older and a year wiser”. But this year is about more than just knowledge – a milestone year to celebrate, before walking into life’s big responsibilities. And as the name suggests organising a party the lives of to the standard of this milestone birthday is a pressurising task. From the theme, the fun party games, the decor, the food menu to giving out invitations and ensuring everybody in the party has a lot of fun.

16 birthday video invitation

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