St. Patrick is known as the patron saint of Ireland and he did a lot to convert the Irish to Christianity. The day of his death is March 17 which is celebrated every year as St. Patrick’s day.


Although the festival is to commemorate an Irish saint, it has become a popular holiday in most of the Western world or at least in the UK. There are several days of drinking, eating and making merry during this festival, although it had some very modest beginnings. This is because just before this festival is the ending of the month of Lent which is spent in fasting and there is a prohibition on eating meat, drinking and dancing during Lent. To make up for this austerity, people tend to indulge in excesses during St. Patrick Day celebrations.

St. Patrick’s Day Video Greetings

This is also a time to convey your good wishes to your near and dear ones. As with all things in life technology has also affected our celebrations of holidays and the way we convey our greetings. For a very long time, people exchanged paper cards on important days, which gave way to e greetings and now we have video greetings. Of course, you may be aware of the websites that allow you to send animated and musical e-greetings to your near and dear ones. However, there is little scope of creativity with these websites. However, nowadays you also have websites that allow you to send customized videos as greetings and messages.

These videos allow a lot of creativity which you can exercise in conveying your holiday message to your loved ones. You can use different props and backgrounds as well as include music, song and dance in the video in the spirit of St. Patrick’s day. As mentioned earlier this holiday is especially important in Ireland and if you are Irish you can convey your pride in your roots on this day. Ireland is now well known as a catholic land and the devout Christians can use this occasion to convey their faith. On the other hand, the people who are not so religious can convey the joy and fun of the modern ways of celebrating St. Patrick’s day.

The best part is that the message that you create in such a video greeting will be your very own as it will not convey the message drafted by a third person. This means that you can convey your very heartfelt emotions and feelings to your loved ones. Needless to say, the recipients are bound to feel thrilled on receiving such personalized and heartfelt greetings from you. Another benefit of video greetings is that you can include your entire family in the video in a creative way and convey your family feelings to your near and dear ones.

The best part is that the entire process is quite easy and hassle free. This is because the websites providing this service are self-explanatory and all you have to do is upload the video and draft a text message if you wish. Then put in the email addresses of the intended recipients and just send it across. With this simple method, you can convey your deepest feelings to touch the hearts of the recipients.