There are more than 7.5 billion people in the world. And the numbers are increasing with every second. Still, it feels quite alone despite having so many friends and the people who love you and care about you. At least, until the moment you find someone special to be with; someone with whom you can share everything without any fear of being judged. And when you find someone you want to spend your life with, you want to unite with the person in every possible way you can.


A wedding symbolizes the union of two souls. You know that your life is never going to be the same and you don’t want it to. In fact, you want to celebrate this cosmic transformation with all the people who have made an impact in your life, who have loved you, taught you something or even shared some moments of empathy with you. And you want to invite them before their dates get locked. So you announce your wedding way ahead of the actual date. And with the latest technology, there are several ways of doing so.

Photo Invitations:

Get a picture clicked with your fiance and add text stating the date of your wedding so that the people you love can keep those moments of their life reserved for you. There are many websites where this can be done for free.

Personal video invitations:

Reach out to your friends and family using video invitations where you call them to be a part of this blissful day of your life. You can make these videos all by yourself or seek a professional help. There are many video templates also available on the internet which can help.

Wedding Invitations

Indulge them into an interactive invitation:

Let the people who love you indulge into a small interactive session where you tell them how you met your soulmate and ask them to save their dates for one of the most auspicious events of your life. Interactive invitations generally are flash videos which reveal their content with each click or tap.

Make your announcement interesting with gif images:

Announcing your wedding with the help of gif image can really give an impression that this event is something that should not be missed.

Make a musical announcement:

Invite all the people who are special to you with a sideshow which might have your favorite quotes, pictures of you with your would be and your favorite music in the background. All of this can be done without spending a dime or at a very minimal cost.

Let your announcement show your funny side:

Invite all your close friends in a crazy way by using animation. There are many animated templates o the internet which can be useful in making such announcement invitations.

A wedding announcement can be a pretty exhausting job when sent in a traditional way using invitation cards. And since they are just to notify your friends, family, and colleagues so that they should keep their dates free, it is better to use technology and send these invitations digitally.