Ding dong bell. The clock strikes twelve. And it’s your best friend forever’s birthday. She has not just been a good friend but has been your philosopher and guide many times when you have experienced the worst emotional breakdown.


She knows you even more than your parents and she will always be there for you when you need her. How do you plan to celebrate her birthday when you both are miles apart? Physical and geographical barriers cannot come in between friendship and the best way to prove this theory is by creating a video greeting using Inviter platform and sending her in less than fifteen minutes. Technology has always been kind upon mankind and one such kindness is the free video greeting sharing portal – Inviter. Wondering how this miracle is possible? You will get to know about here. Stay tuned!

Where, when and How?

Inviter video greetings can be created in three simple steps. With no limitation on the quality of video, Inviter lets you create video greetings from your smart phone or camcorder anytime and every time wherever you are. The same can be edited, paired with theme music and uploaded via the free Inviter portal. You can post it to your friend or even share it among your best friends group.

The video message will be displayed on your Inviter wall instantly after you post it. You can add comments or personal messages to the video and make it a live streaming session. On the whole, Inviter takes you virtually closer to your BFF who might be living a thousand miles away from you..

Make it special with Inviter

Such an amazing technology is available for free exploration and is sure to grow upon you with its simple steps of operation and quickness of delivery. With Inviter portal at your side, you can express how much you value your friend and how special she is for you. Be it picture collage or a recorded video message, you can go to any extreme to say to your friend ‘thank you’ on her most special day.

So are you ready to shout out “happy birthday…my gal” and make her feel extra special and loved with video greetings? If yes, then record a super special video drenched in love, log into your Inviter account right now and send it to your friend via the magical wings of Inviter!