Hi all!! we are back sharing love, joy and happiness as ever. You know, since childhood we were raised saying sharing increases joy and happiness. But have anyone gave a thought about it? I hope no, because we never felt wrong in that. In fact, in childhood one would have shared their chocolates/ice creams with their friends and there is no denial in this as everyone has this good memory 😉


By the way, as we grow up things around us has also changed a lot. This global village has seen many technological inventions, discoveries and developments. Out of many in this 21st century, few made a difference. Social networking sites, especially facebook and twitter grabbed the digital essence of this era and gave a new platform to share love, joy and happiness to every corner of this global village.

There is no day that goes by without facebook status updates and twitter interest sharing. Not just personally, even businesses follow the same to stay in touch with their customers. Here on this platform, everyone shares their happy moments, ideas, fun, interests, special occasions and the list goes on and gets personal as you dig.

To ease your share of joy & happiness, we added a cool feature in our recent app update. Video greetings are high-tech and way beyond those old routine traditional cards and the new boring ecards and egreetings. You can personalize your video greetings with your own photos, videos and even you record your own video message. Sounds wow right? We added more. Now you can double your love, joy and happiness by sharing your video greeting on your facebook & twitter profiles with just a simple swipe.


We also added facebook privacy, where you can control your post’s privacy by selecting who can see your shared video greeting in their news feed. Then why wait, our new update is already on iTunes.

“Share love, joy and happiness in video greetings”