As the end of the year approaches, our minds automatically start reflecting all the things we did the whole year. Some the deeds make us proud while we might regret some of the things we did. And there certainly are things we didn’t do that generally make us feel guilty. However, this is the part of a process which acts as a wake-up call and we set resolutions for the upcoming year.

new year

A new year is an event where you see your life with a new vantage point. You set some goals and make some plans to achieve them. And you want all the people who are special to you to be a part of this new beginning. Their presence, in a subliminal way, gives you the courage to make necessary transformations in your life and not get scared of what is about to come. So you invite all those people to celebrate the starting of this new life. Here are some ways of sending attractive new year digital invitations to your loved ones:

Happy New Year Video Greeting

Collage Invitations:

You can make an invitation which may consist of a collage of all the best pictures of the gone year. You can also include the pictures of the people who are very special in our life or maybe the ones who have been really special for this particular year. There are several websites which let you design such invitations in a few easy steps. The best part is that most of them do not charge a single buck.

New Year Video Invitations:

If making videos is your thing, then you might also consider sending out some attractive video invitations. All you have to do is compile the clips you have shot the whole year and edit them with some good music. There are many video invitation templates available which may help you make your invitation even more interesting.


Sending out invitations with some good typography and texts with effects can also be a decent and elegant way. You can add some joyous music in the background which can be like an icing on the cake to your invitation.

Interactive E-cards:

Unleash your creative side this new year and send some interactive invitations to the people who are special to you. Interactive e-card templates can be found on the internet and can make your invitation seem like a small flash game.

Slideshows & Animation:

There are templates available which have templates that include animations. You can place your contents and/or pictures and on these templates and everything will be taken care of.

Sending invitations digitally are not only cheaper (or mostly free), they are also environment-friendly. On the contrary, sending traditional printed cards might seem like wastage of paper, effort, time and money when you can send digital invitations. So start out this New Year by a resolution that you will not waste paper and cause environmental hazards. Though it might seem a small thing the important thing is to take the first step without worrying about the whole way.