Janmashtami is one of the most popular festivals in all around the country and it is also celebrated in many parts of the world. It’s the joyful occasion as baby Krishna was born on that day. The whole family gets together to celebrate this festival! In case you have a celebration at home too then, you can do a video invitation for Janmashtami and ask them to visit. Here is why it would be fun when more people came together to celebrate it.

Sri Krishna Janmastami

There are lots of fun for every age group and person in the family. You can make a video invite and ask your friends and family to join you to dahi handi competition in your society, where children would make a human pyramid and try to break the dahi handi.

It’s also time of pooja, as Lord Krishna was born. You can ask your family and relatives to join you in the Krishna Jula activity when the woman sings the praise of Lord Krishna and wings the cradle of Lord Krishna with a thread. It’s actually one of the best activity and everyone love it.

Most part of India, its time to play cards. In India, gambling is illegal but when it’s come to gamble in the family, there are no rules. Most people play with the small amount of coin with children and family member. Send a video invitation for Janmashtami to your friends and relative and ask them to join you in the card play. Most people play whole night and enjoy as well.

Janmashtami Video Invitations:

It is just few steps and you can get your video invitation made. Since we have numerous video invitation template on the website, you just have to pick the one that suits you. Post that we will get in touch with you for photos. Next step is where we would do all the work while you relax. It will just take us 2 days.

Festival time is bonding time and also time to eat as well. Most people observe fast and don’t eat anything but nowadays, everyone eats falahar. Send a video invitation for Janmashtami to your friends and family and ask them to join you in the falahar. That way, they can also enjoy the holiday and you can be the hostess so you will enjoy as well.

Don’t forget the Radha Krishna dressing of children. They just love to be dressed as Krishna and roam around the house. Why don’t you just invite your friends with video invite and create a little play based on Lord Krishna’s life story. It will be educational as well fun for the children too.

Lord Krishna was born at night that is why all the devotees don’t sleep that night and wait for the midnight to perform pooja. You can send video invitation for Janmashtami to your friends and relative and ask them to come over to your place. That way they can also celebrate Krishna Janmashtami and you can all enjoy too.