The Best Save The Date Ideas

The wedding is in an auspicious occasion or ceremony where two people are bound by the power of marriage forever.

Wedding ideas are amazing and are beautiful. Everyone has his or her opinions and ideas about his or her wedding arrangements and situations. Unfortunately, they don’t have the same taste as you have. You should not let your wedding ideas be dictated by someone else as it should be as unique as you are.

save the date

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Save the Date Video Invitations In Online

All your life, you somehow wait for that one perfect person to come along and sweep you right off your feet, someone who joins in to celebrate both your lives together. The person who is worth all the humongous efforts that you require to keep a relationship steady. Marriage starts with two simple words, ‘I Do’ but it takes so much more to keep up with the responsibilities that follow and the level of maturity and exceptional understanding required to make it all work out. For this is a commitment that is meant to bind you for the rest of your lives. When that person comes into the picture and you both finally fall on the same page of life and decide to get married, your whole world ought to Save the Date. So as to watch the two of you get hitched amongst all things beautiful.

Save the Date

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Create Your Own Free Save-The-Date Online Invitations

He has put the ring on and you cannot hold it any longer. Sending out your save-the-date is the first step towards your big day and is extremely exciting. It is the first announcement and breaking the news to your friends and family. You are getting hitched and you cannot keep calm. Makes sense. Getting married is quite a task. It is an all-consuming affair which requires your attention at every hour for the preparations. At times it gets so hectic that one tends to forget that the guests need to accommodate their dates and schedule to be present at your wedding. Save-the-date is hence very important to be sent out before anything else.


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Send Baby Shower Video Invitations To Your Guests

What rings a bell on the name of baby shower? Ladies, chocolates, gifts, giggling and the happy ‘Mother to be’ with her close aides who have come to bless the baby in the womb. This lovely event is all about sharing memories and smiles and cherishing them forever.


Inviter has added extra wing to this lovely event by bringing in a new concept of Baby Shower video invitation. Designing and posting a baby shower video invitation through online platform named Inviter has become the talk of the town and charm of every baby shower.

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Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving or Thanksgiving Day has been a custom since 1863 and celebrated annually. The first thanksgiving was celebrated in 1621 by the pilgrims(Plymouth settlers) after their first harvest in the new world as a token of thanks to god for his blessings. During the time of Abraham Lincoln as United States President, announced a national … Read more Thanksgiving Day

Fall Weddings in Asian Cultures

Autumn having arrived, one thing to speak about is fascinating fall weddings celebrated in Asian countries. A wedding in Asian countries especially in countries like India, has worldwide attention.  Whenever people hear about these Indian weddings, it leaves quite an impression. The celebrations are planned from months before the wedding date, joined by many friends … Read more Fall Weddings in Asian Cultures

La Tomatina..!!

La Tomatina is a food festival celebrated on the last Wednesday of every august in the town of Bunol near to Valencia in Spain, a town located 30 km from the Mediterranean. People from all corners of the world visit this city to fight in the “World’s Biggest Food Fight” where more than forty metric … Read more La Tomatina..!!

Engagement Party Invitations, Wedding Video Invitations

It’s every girl’s dream! You’re getting married! Congrats! Now the fun begins. Wedding planning is serious business and so is sticking to your budget. Inwiter is here to help! You can save money on engagement party invitations, save the date cards, and wedding invitations. Engagement Party Invitations If you’re going to have an engagement party, … Read more Engagement Party Invitations, Wedding Video Invitations

Celebrate Earth Day by an Oath to Reduce Carbon Footprint

According to Earth Day Network, 192 countries and over one billion people are participating in Earth Day celebrations this year. What is Carbon Foot Print to start with? Here is the simple explanation I found to understand the carbon footprint myself and I would like to share it with you all. You leave footprints when … Read more Celebrate Earth Day by an Oath to Reduce Carbon Footprint