You have never been the kind of a person who misses out on details, especially when it comes to your work and lifestyle. So when it comes to celebrating the launch of your book, it has to be elite. All those years of reading through writers and poets – gaining access to the excellence of thoughts. And wandering around the pages of your own unkempt thoughts has been quite a journey to share. You finally made it, after all those iterations and reiterations of a perfectionist mind. Revisiting your own work again and again, to ultimately find some fresh flaws, and discarding sections after sections. Yours has been a victory against the obfuscator of your own mind, for your book finally made it and the sales look promising as ever.

online invitations

The celebrations that this occasion calls for must lie nothing short of perfection. With all your arrangements on point and your guest list all organized. So as to take up the whole crowd of people you prepare in host. The guests who really matter and the invitations that you can’t really afford to lose in the mail. At Inviter, we understand your need to come up with online invitations. They not only get delivered on time, but also leave an impression that lasts, for your party is premium and your guests are all important entities. Inviter enable you to manage the guest list with utmost ease. Using Inviter you have all the necessary tools that are required to keep your work organized.

Customized Online Invitations

Not only do we provide you with excellent templates to follow through and create something that suits your creativity. We also give you the option of embedding pictures or even videos. With online invitations you can personally reach out to your guests or you can showcase a teaser of your book. It is a choice that you get to make, and create invitations that help you connect with your guests. From family, to friends, to important names in the industry. Inviter ensures security such that only the guests you whom wish to invite, end up receiving the invitations for your premium party. And no one whom you don’t approve of. You can even control the kind of platforms you would like your invitations to be sent through, such as WhatsApp messages, texts, e-mails, and other popular social media websites.

Your premium party can thus, be organized with absolute ease. Inviter tracks all the RSVPs from your guests and notifies you about any new additions to the tracker’s list. You can even choose to send out reminders. With this you just to make sure that they forget to join you in for the celebration of the big success that you have managed to achieve with all your persistence and hardwork, and let Inviter do its job the best.