Baby Shower is perhaps one of the best days of your life before stepping into motherhood. The feeling of becoming a mother and going to have a little one in your arms after a few days is one of the world’s best experiences that a mother always retains.

Baby Shower Event

Then why not celebrate this day with full honor and glee? Having a baby shower party is having a special place in your guest’s heart. So let’s check out what do you need to plan for this day.

The Baby Shower Checklist

Plan a date and time

Schedule a perfect date and time for the party. Consult with your superiors and find a reliable date that suits the event. You can also consult your astrologer for finding an auspicious day which would be free from all the negative possessions.

Choose your location

Find a perfect location for the party which would be favourable to both you and your guests. The location should have a good atmosphere and an ambience that your guests should love. You can rent a hall or plan it outside your lawn (if you got one).

Choose your outfit

The would-be mother should wear a good and attractive outfit to make the guests behold. You can consult a good designer to ensure which outfit would suit you or visit your nearest boutique to find the perfect one.

Checklist the shopping items

Make a shopping list of the required items for the party. Buy each and every item, if possible buy 2X more the same to make sure it doesn’t fall short of. Recheck the shopping list again and again and think what more is needed. Plan with your family members.

Prepare a guest list

Now it’s time to prepare your guest list. Add each and every close member from your friends, family, and colleagues. You can collect their names from your social network friends’ list or create a group adding each and every invitee.

The Invitation

Rather sending paper invites, why don’t you try the online invitations? You can check out with to send a video invitation to your guests. Simply record your video invite and upload it to will add the perfect template and effects to make your invitation fly in the air. Your guests would be enthralled with the video invite and they won’t like to miss the party anymore.

Baby Shower Event

Plan your menu

Time to give your taste buds a tang. Plan your food menu and discuss with your family which items should be offered to your guests. Keep it minimal, yet delicious, so that no one misses a single item. Make sure you include a sweet dish or dessert to keep the menu complete.

Choose your decorator and flowers

How can the venue look great without flowers and decorations? You can visit your florist to get some idea which flowers would look great in the location. In case you do not have enough time for doing the decorations yourself, then you can also hire a decorator to release your burden. The flower decorator will definitely make the place look stunning.

Now we hope you have a great baby shower party and you make your guests feel wonderful.