The past one week has been quite an undertaking – with all the office hours and the kids’ school work- you had to manage this shifting business. Moving into your dream house was always something you looked forward to. But ensuring that things go exactly the way you planned, isn’t really a child’s play.

Housewarming party

Just pack your belongings and neatly transport them to a new home, where you again need to clean everything and unpack. It doesn’t just end there, you then have to organise your home into a livable, lovable little nest. Simultaneously, planning that housewarming party is a major, major task.

Housewarming Party

We understand that organizing an event that leaves people with happy memories, is not an easy job. It really requires a lot of calculative planning. You have all the decisions to make, food to cater, decorations to look after and a lot of people to invite.

Housewarming Party Video Invitation

What if we take away that last bit of job off your shoulders and make your life a little easier? That’s right. With Inviter, you can prepare some free online invitations with RSVP and let your world know that you are celebrating something and they are invited to be a grand part of all that festivity.

Your event, our responsibility

We help you customize your invitations as per your own creativity and bring your life to everyone’s attention. Just raid technology’s closet and woo your friends and family with adorable online invitations. With this you can get to attach your pictures, videos or messages and let them know how much their presence means to you. Give them a tiny glimpse of your housewarming party by sending video invitation.

With Inviter, you can send your special guests the gentle reminders and ensure that they fill out the RSVP section to let you know about their feasibilities to attend your grand celebration. Irrespective of the scale of your event, we understand how busy a schedule you can have at times. And so Inviter step in to keep you updated on all the latest changes to your guest list. You even get to attach a tiny map, to ensure your guest don’t lose their way.