So, your daughter is about to turn 16. Then definitely it’s time for a party. You might be overwhelmed at the thought of her sweet 16 and to plan a sweet 16 party. Yeah, it’s not going to be a cakewalk to plan sweet 16 that matches her thoughts and dreams. It’s easy once you decide what to have in the party but the scariest part is to plan the party in a budget. isn’t it?

sweet 16 invitation

The first thing you have to do is to decide the sweet 16 party budget and the make a list of what you should buy and what you have to DIY. Continue reading to get an idea on how to arrange a sweet 16 party in a budget.

Throw an unforgettable and super fun sweet 16 party in your budget by following the steps below.

Set a Budget: Define your budget before you make a checklist to buy things for the party. Always keep in your mind about further expenses and savings, never be in a hurry or in the thought of saving money later. It’s gonna work. Instead ask your daughter what she want on her big day, what she is expecting and never forget to let her know that you are planning a budget-friendly party.

Venue – Sweet Home: Choosing a venue is sometimes difficult but not when you are planning in a budget. Your home will be the best place to arrange a party as most of the guests will be your daughter’s friends it will be safe and secure.

Guests & Invitations: It’s hard to limit the guest list but it’s better to be an intimate sweet 16 ceremony. so, only your near & dear can attend the party who really shares her happiness and joy. Invite guests by sending them a digital invitation or e-invite. The best thing you can with is video invitation with photos, text, and music. It will be unique, fun and time-saving.

Start Creating a Sweet 16 Invitation

Pick a Sweet 16 Theme:

Picking a theme is not so necessary but it will be fun and adds more interest to the guests to attend. Choose a theme according to your daughter’s personal interests, hobbies, favorite color, movie, song, novels. You can ask guests to come dressed in relevant to the theme and can also make the same theme sweet 16 party video invitations.

Decide on Food Menu:

Create a food menu, mostly what you can prepare in the home. Try to make it creative, interesting and also follow the theme color in finalizing the menu.


Follow the theme you have chosen and get all the necessary things to the decor. “Do it yourself” to make it in the budget. Use balloons, lights, flowers, candles, and some showpieces.

Make the schedule:

What kind of a party it is when there is no entertainment. It will be organized if you make a schedule on what will happen during the party. Plan some fun games which will keep guests engaged and play music which makes guests dance. Ask your daughter to create a playlist of her favorite songs and play them during the party, It makes her feel special.

Gift Bags:

This step is optional – It’s kind of a thank you note before they leave. you can plan them according to the theme or something you like.

That’s it. Follow these steps to end your daughter’s sweet 16 party under your defined budget. Sometimes things will not in our favor but we must make sure that everything is alright and make best things from unexpected situations.

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