We are witnessing how digitization is changing the world and shaping it. If we look two decades back, digitization was out of thought. Sending a video invite over a device and expecting your guests to come was completely out of question. But, thankfully the times have changed!


Generally, in India, wedding invitations are made up of decorative paper. On that paper, different quotes along with the name of the bride and groom usually on the top of the card would be printed. It also includes the name of bride’s and groom’s father and mother along with the address of the venue where the wedding ceremony will take place. So, now, here the issue is that before few years when technology is not this much-advanced people had to wait for a long time to get the wedding invitations printed. There were many other issues such as ‘misprinting’ that would usually pop up and you can’t do anything about it.

Hence, people now are inclined towards paperless wedding invitations.

1. Save the Date

Today in this modern era, the time has changed a lot. Now, people tend to go for modern wedding invitation etiquette. It involves the factor that is known as the “save the date”. The date stands for the day when the ceremony will take place. It is entirely optional, not necessary to choose. Save the date can be sent either by e-mails, by making phone calls to your guests. Not only this, you can send cute cards to your guests.

save the Date Video Invitations

2. Technology can do wonders

In this age of digitalization, people tend to utilize the technology. It allows you to send the invitations without facing any inconvenience. Yes, you perceived it right. Invitations sending via Whatsapp are quite prevalent in the present time. You do not need to search the best shops where you can get the wedding cards to be done. All you need to do is design your wedding day invitation either by yourself or by a professional graphic designer. Sending invitations in the format of video, GIFs, pictures are much easy and cost effective as well.

3. Free yourself from the Hassle of Selecting the Designs

There are many online websites that allow people to select the design of the wedding invitation as per their will. Potential seekers can even customize their wedding cards without bogging their head in searching for trendy and unique designs. Nowadays, people can choose the size, shape, and color of the wedding cards as per their preferences. They can get it designed by a graphic designer, and then print it easily. But, there was no such facility of having a demo of the sample, sometimes it led to disastrous color combinations.

So, now it must be clear that with the passing time marriage invitations are also getting transformed like never before. Online wedding invitations give you an opportunity to officially announce your wedding date in a trendier manner.