Can you think of a day that is very special and comes once in a year only? If no, then answer this riddle is “Birthday”. Yes, the birthday comes is a special event for most of us and we celebrate it with joy and enthusiasm. The first birthday of the child plays an important role in making the memories for a baby for rest of his life. Celebrate your little one’s birthday with great joy and honor.


There are lots of aspects that need to be kept in mind before planning for the birthday bash of your little bundle of joy. Those accepts are like- venue, theme, decoration, guest list, return gifts, etc. Have you ever thought of the thing that comes before these aspects? You cannot overlook the role and importance of invitation cards.

Nowadays, there are different ways of sending invites to your loved ones. So, given below we will enlighten few ways:

  1. Technology is the key to everything: yes, this statement is quite justified when it comes to making an appropriate use of technology. With the advancement of technology, there are lots of different techniques of creating invites. One of such technique is video invitations. Yes, you can make the video of your child and send it to your guests via Whatsapp or another messenger. This is easiest and cost-proficient way of creating and sending invitations.
Paperless Video Invitations
  1. Get the help of different designing portals: Nowadays, there are many websites that are enabled to customize birthday invitations. These online portals will present different designs so that a seeker can choose as per his preference without any hassle. Not only this, these websites allow to create your own design.
  2. Social media platform: this is one of the best ways to invite your guests. Yes, you can either upload a picture or video of your little one on Facebook, Instagram, or any other social networking site and then write a caption like this- Leslie is turning one on 19th October, means the name of your child along with the birthday date.
  3. Graphics Interchange Format: you can create the GIF with the pictures of your little one with his or her birthday date. After creating the GIF, you can send it to your guests.
  4. Invitation cards: in this modernity, invitation cards may sound as a cliché, but this fact cannot be denied that old is gold. A comprehensive range of invitations cards is easily available in the market.

Make your child’s first birthday unforgettable, so that you can cherish it for whole life and don’t forget to choose the best invitation method. Invite your guests by the most possibly unique way.