The time has been pretty confusing to you lately, where sometimes, it just rushes past you like a blurred memory. While sometimes, it just stands still and mocks your impatience to finally meet you little one that you have spent day and day out dreaming about, conversing and conveying to it all the mixed feelings that run through you at every new situation. It is a wonder as to how you’ve waited this long already and yet amazes you that you little one will be out in no time. Your family and friends are nothing less than the absolute support that you need, to face such a heavy physical and emotional change in your life and you know that they will always be there for the two of you, no matter what.

baby shower invitations
Baby Shower Party

Time to celebrate

All these emotions and feelings require a massive celebration that you and your baby truly deserve. The rollercoaster ride that promises to turn your life upside down for good, involves a story that you must be able to share with your family and friends. Hence, baby showers are meant for you to acclaim your journey to a fulltime motherhood. Of course your spouse and best friend are on their toes these days, ensuring that you get exactly what you need for your grand baby shower. But you know it really is a task hosting an event of that scale.

The guest list

Certain things require to be taken care of as priority basis, and the guest list is one of them. You can then identify your whole budget as per the number of guests that you plan on inviting, and can further take this to the other arrangements. A crucial task indeed, but Inviter online invitations simplifies the whole process where you are a couple of clicks away from managing your whole guest list. Thus, this is one of the responsibilities that you can take up from your co-host as it is based out on the virtual world.

Personalized baby shower invitations

You can send out baby shower invitations to all your close friends and family on various platforms that Inviter enables you to hop onto. Customize these baby shower invitations with some lovely pictures from your maternity shoot, or add a beautiful video message that describes your journey so far- a personal touch that will leave your guests in absolute awe of your big happiness.

Elegant baby shower invitation video

You can then send these out to as many people on your guest list and furthermore keep a constant track on those who send an RSVP. This way, you will have the right headcount to work with and can coordinate the other preparations accordingly. Inviter also enables you to send out reminders to all your guests just to be on the safer side and so, you can trust us with all that baby shower guest list management.