I streamed a video on Periscope this evening talking about writing this blog post. If you haven’t heard, Periscope is going to rule the marketing world with video. Kuddos to Twitter for acquiring this live streaming app. That was a brilliant move. Persicope may have started as a way to share the inner workings of your personal life with the world, but as a marketer and someone always thinking about business like many of you, I can’t help but notice the many ways this new smartphone app will impact business.

Periscopes Basics

  • You can stream it live to Twitter. You do have to opt-in under settings.
  • You can turn on the location of your video.
  • Videos can be stored on your phone if you enable autosave.
  • Anyone can watch and comment unless you input otherwise in settings.
  • Periscope is currently only available for iPhone.


Using Periscope videos gives you the opportunity to connect with your market in a more authentic way. I talk a lot about humanizing your brand. This is another way to do that through Inviter.

Video Greetings. Get personal with your audience. Whether it’s your marketing team, CEO, or anyone from your executive team, live stream video greetings. Then upload that video to Inviter and either send it to your potential customers and email list or make it a public event and send the url as needed.

Video Invitations and Event Teasers. If you’re hosting a sale, going to a tradeshow…any type of event, live stream an invitation on Periscope and then upload that same video to Inviter. Create the event and watch those RSVPs come in and actually get reporting. Or create the event and mention the Inviter event page and drive RSVPs that way using the same video. Just remember to upload the video to Inviter.

The How

Make sure to autosave your video stream. Your Periscope video will be stored with the rest of your images on your iPhone. Email the video to yourself if you can or connect your phone to your computer and pull the video that way. Then go to Inviter.com and create your event, uploading your Periscope video. Add your event details and either push it live for public events or schedule the actual email. It’s really that easy.

Anyone/company can use both Periscope and Inviter together. It’s still early so you get to set the stage and trend for how businesses use Periscope and Inviter.

If you have more questions, respond to this post or tweet me @andreeac_t.