Jingling bells, secret Santa games and gifts galore! This is how Christmas is welcomed every year by all across the globe. When you have New Year just a week away, Christmas party calls for a real big celebration that commences happiness and joy.

Christmas Party
Merry Christmas!

Every year you might spend sleepless nights thinking how to make your Christmas the best among your friends and family. Well, while few of you might think of ideas to decorate your tree creatively or make new variety of cakes, sweets and desserts. Here are some amazing concepts that can take your celebrations to an altogether new level of enjoyment and excitement. And the partner in crime for executing this idea is the one and only online media partner – Inviter.

With Inviter on board, designing exclusive video invitation or planning a huge Christmas Eve party, arranging food and beverages for guests, sending out thank you greetings etc becomes extremely easy and most convenient for the host. With Inviter video messages, Christmas party planning gets interesting and creative as well. Finding it hard to believe? Here are a few cool and casual ideas from Inviter users to make your Christmas party the most talked one:

Personalized video invite

The star led people to the shed and the God’s child was born! How nice it will look when you see the birth of Jesus in an animated video form in your computer? Amazing and divine isn’t it? The video will end with a personal message from the host inviting all to take part in the celebration. Such awesome video with soothing back ground music can really stir every soul. Inviter helps you to create this one to one connect with your guests to whom you send the invitation to be a part of the celebration. With such video invitations who will ever say ‘no’ to a party?

Christmas Video Greeting

Make a super cool collage

Every year Christmas is the time of gifts and reunion. Hence, this Christmas make sure you create the best memories by revisiting your childhood. With Inviter Video invites and greetings, you can make your friends and family feel the ‘awwww’ moment when they see the old pictures that you share as collage. Inviter does not impose any restriction on the video quality and hence you can upload any picture you have irrespective of them being shot with any kind of camera of any resolution. As the picture quality and resolution doesn’t matter you can make the collage effortlessly just within a jiffy and surprise the invitees with your creativity.

Plan a return gift

Many people claim that only kids love gifts. But Christmas is one season that proves not just kids even adults love gifts and gifts bring a big smile on their face. Hence gift your near and dear ones with an amazing personalized thank you message which will make them melt as ice. Speak a few words, record a few gestures and add some theme to it which will make it the best return gift ever.

With these cool ideas to celebrate Christmas this season, you will be the cynosure of your guest’s eyes until the next Christmas celebrations begin!