Indian weddings and the tiresome issues you need to take care of.

If you are an Indian you must be aware of the buzz around Indian Weddings. Weddings in India are not merely weddings rather a festival altogether. The preparation of wedding begins months before and why not, after all, we invite at least 1,000 guests and arrange them. The loud music, delicious cuisines, alluring bride and groom – everything about an Indian wedding is extravagant. But then, there is something profusely enigmatic about the Indian Wedding.


Right from the catering, clothes, jewelry, a number of guests, venue – everything is decided in advance. Believe it or not, it is all worth the watch. Indian Weddings are spectacular; however, there are several issues that these weddings face. When you talk about big events and arrangements – some blunders are bound to happen!

Here are the issues and how can you refrain these inconveniences from occurring.

  1. No. of guests –

So Indians prefer that more and more people should ideally attend their wedding hence; their guest list is never ending. But, with the lot, many guests come lot many invitations. Printing the number of invitation cards for Indian Wedding invitations and visiting each and every house to hand it over is a big task! Things are changing now; as the world is getting digitized people are opting for digital wedding invitations.

These days couples are preferring virtual invites via various platforms such as Whatsapp, Facebook and so on.

  1. Caterers – the highlight of the wedding

No matter how good your accommodation facility is, if you fail to impress your guests with food then it is believed that your entire wedding event flops! Even though it is not true yet, this is the general perception amongst people.

One has to be quite careful in picking up the catering service or deciding upon the menu is vital. It suggested that adding too many dishes would add up to the clutter. It is best to keep the dishes minimum.

  1. Accommodation – Let’s fit everyone

As stated above, we Indians love to invite a number of guests to our wedding. Naturally, accommodating them could be a task. At times guests are accommodated but even the basic facility is not provided. This doesn’t look good on the part of the family that is hosting the wedding.

In order to avoid such circumstances, it is best to arrange the accommodation first and then invite the guests. Renting a flat or room around the venue would surely get a thumb up! However, make sure that your guests don’t suffer during the wedding.

When it comes to Indian Wedding invitations it is best to switch to digital ones since they are cost effective to a larger extent. Additionally, you need to take care of the catering service you decide upon. Also, special care should be taken for accommodation.

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