You finally bought your dream home and now it’s time to celebrate. The first thing that you should know is that a housewarming party should be planned ahead of time. Getting everything done at the last minute will turn everything into a mess. That is not what you want for the first party at your new home. Calling friends and family for a housewarming party is but very obvious, but how?

housewarming party

Are you going to make it simple as ever or are you going to put in a little extra effort and print it in everyone’s memories? This long-standing tradition can be carried out with bits of modern twists here and there.

Look at the following for a few housewarming party ideas. Make video invitations and send them via Inviter. It can turn out to be really special for both you and your guests.

1. Have a Guestbook

If you are in a new neighbourhood, this helps a lot. Make a quirky guestbook and keep it at the front door. They can put their contact information and other details. A few details about your hood will only help you later on. Plus, your guests will also feel your excitement to be in the new neighbourhood.

2. Get your best playlist on

Music plays a very important role in any party. Spend some time on your laptop to create a playlist to hit the party right off. You get an advantage of having a new place and hence, probably, not too much furniture has been set up. Through Inviter video invitation, you can ask your guests to suggest the kind of music they like as well. Find the biggest space and make it the dance floor. Your guests will happily get their groove on.

3. Include directions

Make it really easy for your guests to get to your home. You don’t want them to get lost on their way. Include a small sized map, get it from the internet or you can also draw it yourself, and send it via video invitations on Inviter. This will be a really special way of invitation rather than a simple printed paper invite.

4. Include a handwritten note

Just like including directions, this small idea will also show how many your guests’ presence means to you. These are the little things that show that you have gone an extra mile to make your housewarming party a tad bit special than the regular. It is a great way to initiate new friendships and greet new neighbors.

5. Finger food

It might seem a little odd, but it works for sure. Give more importance to finger food than the main course. In fact, skip the main course dinner. Set a table up and include finger foods galore by the side of the champagne. This will not only be tummy friendly for your guests and feel more like a fun party but also cut down on your costs majorly.