In India, housewarming parties have been in the tradition for thousands of years and still on the trend. A new start, fresh layout, and a huge opportunity of finally getting organized once and for all. Friends and families come over to welcome you, bless you and yours into your new house and warm it up like a family.

New House

The best part of a housewarming party is that your old friends can visit your new dig and mic up and develop new friendships with your neighbors. We all have been to housewarming parties and know that moving to a new house is a hectic task. You may feel that you cannot afford a housewarming party but it is worth the expenditure.

And the whole shifting has finally happened, when you have settled in your dream house it is the right time to get cosy and comfortable and make the house your home. And this cannot happen without sharing the happiness with your near and dear ones. Following these few steps, you would be able to plan a grand party filled with the best housewarming party ideas.

House Warming Invitations

Housewarming Party Ideas:

The decor:

A simple gesture can make your guests feel at home and comfortable at your house. Leave the front door open to your guest, too not over decorate and you might want to take time organising the furniture and the unopened boxes. Make sure that you have enough space left for each and every guest to sit down properly.

Instead of maintaining a guest book, you may stick colourful notes on the wall for your guest to write lovely notes for you and your home.

The food

If you are not planning for a proper night time party, finger foods or snacks would be the best option as it would help you be outside the kitchen and socialize with your new neighbours and your old friends. Your guests can indulge in some mocktails although you may also keep few alcoholic beverages for the guests. Remember to keep both veg and non-vegetarian foods for your guests.

Party gifts

Fill up simple twine bags wrapped around candles and chocolates and small tea candles as a sweet thank you note for your guests who have attended your party.

DIY it

your new house deserves a lot of attention and time when you host you’re first ever party in it. Take your time to DIY simple things like decoration, the food, the beverages, the décor and even the invitation cards.

The last and the most important thing would be the invitations. Companies like create  online video invitations with the help of pictures and images from you, along with music and then they send it to the respective guest via Email.