Want to make your birthday a happening event this year? Sending a paper invitation card or inviting your visitors with a simple phone call is the outdated ways. They no more invoke the enthusiasm in the invitee nor do they indicate about the difference you’re going to create in the party. So why not try something worth remembering that invokes a sense of eagerness in your invitees?


Your birthday is the most special day in your life. And this event is one of the most special ways to get connected to them, which would be a mix of emotions and entertainment. Hence, this fixed set of feelings should be reflected in your invitation and this will probably generate an eagerness in your visitors.

Video invitations- Does that really work?

Record something that you want to convey to your invitees, just like you used to pen down in a greeting card. The difference between both of them is the missing feelings and emotions which were not reflected in a greeting card but will probably do in a birthday video invitation. Just think about it, how your old friend would feel watching you in a video after a long time where you speak solely to him and show your feelings? He might be in tears. Really, this is how an online invitation should be, and this will invoke a sense of respect and attachment towards you that cannot be done with a phone call.

Thus, a video invitation is really the most effective way to send a heartfelt invite to your friends and relatives. Especially, the people who haven’t seen you or met you for a long time undoubtedly miss you, for them, a video invitation will create an action and supposedly give both of you a chance to meet each other.

Sending free online birthday invitations

If you feel that it will take a heck of time recording and editing a video invitation then you are absolutely WRONG. It just takes a few minutes to prepare a video invitation if you seek assistance from the professional free online invitation providers. Again, if you think that they are chargeable, then once again you are wrong. The online invitation generators are completely free to use and they take the entire charge of editing and uploading your video invitation on the web. After successfully uploaded, you can share that particular video on social media sites, email, or send to any particular invitee from your contact list. So let’s get set with the video invitation sending process.

How to send a video invitation for your birthday?

  • Go to Inviter.com
  • Enter your event details
  • Upload your recorded video or a photo.
  • Customize your email invite and guest page
  • Select the guest list
  • Email the invitations

Once your video gets uploaded to the site, you can start sharing it with your friends or in the social media.

So see how simple it is to create and send an online birthday video invitation. And the best part is you don’t need to send them individually, instead you can send it to multiple contacts with a click. Secondly, you don’t require visiting the courier service and send it with an expensive rate. An online invitation is perhaps the best way to make your family and friends fee how close you are and how much they are worth to your life.